My family moved to Montauk NY in 1979. In march of 1980 my father brought his boat here. Montauk’s largest sport fishing boat! “The King Wayne.”

 My Mom & Dad, my two brothers Wayne and Ryan and eventually me ,all lived in the trailer.

When my parents purchased the trailer it was only 12,000 back in 1979. I was born December of 1982.

 The photo above is actually my first drone shot . The drone was hovering over the the trailer park. It was taken this past winter. The winter of 2018. 

My family and I lived in the trailer park for 3 years after deciding “Montauk was where we are going to raise our children” , my Mom and Dad bought a beautiful 2 story home in Ditch Plains. We were lucky to grow up just 2 blocks from the ocean. One of my favorite sayings goes… if your lucky enough to live by the sea , your lucky.  Yes! We were so lucky. I am so thankful and blessed for that. 

Today that trailer we once lived in is currently for sale 1 million dollars. Yea, doesn’t that sound insane?!!! Its true. This little town has changed so much. 

Montauk was once a small , quiet little town. Many local fisherman as well as other local men just making a living and raising their family on fresh local seafood, had quite the best secret of living the best life ; by raising their family’s here in Montauk . That was the best kept secret! To raise your family here in Montauk and to grow up in Montauk was  the best childhood anyone can ask for. Nobody can take that away…

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